Born in Waco, TX, Kevin Vain has created outstanding brands for national and international businesses. Kevin received his Bachelors of Fine Arts from the Art Institute of Dallas and Masters of Fine Arts from Full Sail University. During his professional career, he has created designs for casinos in Las Vegas, Nevada such as the MGM Grand Hotel, The Mirage, The Stratosphere Hotel, The Venetian Resort, and The Treasure Island Hotel.


When you are tired of unreliable designers who can’t keep up with your fast-paced projects, can’t manage multiple projects while simultaneously simplifying processes, and lack experience working on multiple platforms to reach your audience, the choice is easy. Kevin has a proven track record working on projects for national and international brands such as MGM Grand, Cisco, Edward Jones, and the NBA, down to small and startup businesses. You will benefit from all the master-level experience and resources Kevin has gained from his attendance at Full Sail University, certification in Inbound Marketing from Hubspot, and continuous training in branding and marketing courses.


Your brand is the pulse of your business. It communicates to vital areas that require your creative team to think outside the box to ensure your message is received. Kevin can work with key departments of your business to effectively manage multiple projects with tight deadlines, assess your creative process, and bridge gaps to improve production throughout your organization. He can also manage and collaborate with your creative team, build curricula for upskilling to improve production time, learn new technology to reach new markets, and negotiate costs with third-party vendors.

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You expect your designer to have experience using the latest technology in Adobe Suite, social media tools and publishing, project management tools, web development platforms, and video editing applications—and Kevin possesses them all. This ensures that your marketing materials turn your prospects into customers. With a keen eye for design, business acumen, and a fearless attitude toward challenges, Kevin is your team player who will elevate your business and give you the competitive edge you need to stay relevant in your industry.

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